Polyamory Websites in Europe

Online communities:

* There is a facebook group „POLYAMORY EUROPE“ for those who are on facebook. By default, this group is in English. If they post links in other languages, they include a description in English.

** sites by country:

Facebook groups Polyamorie Wien and Polyamorie Wien – Polyamory Vienna

polyamour.be (franco-belge)
Facebook group Polyamory Belgium

Facebook group PolyamoryCZ


polyamour.be (franco-belge)
Facebook groups L’amour au pluriel et Polyamour
Facebook group Poly Avignon

Polyamores Netzwerk (PAN)
polytreff.de (with mailing list)
Facebook groups Polyamorie Deutschland-Österreich-Schweiz, Polyamory deutschsprachig,  Polyamorie. Mehr als eine Liebe.
Junge Polyamorie (bis 35j), Solo Polyamory, Polyamory saferspace /deutschsprachig
Polyamory-Stammtisch-Aachen, Polyamorie Baden-Württemberg, Polyamorie Braunschweig, Polyamorie Stammtisch Dresden, Queerer Polyamorie-Stammtisch Halle-Leipzig, Polyamorie Stammtisch KölnPolyMuc München, Polyamorie/Beziehungsanarchie in NRW, Polyamorie Nürnberg und Umgebung

On meetup, there is an Athens Polyamory Group
Facebook group Polyamorygr

Facebook group Poliamoria Magyarország

Facebook group Polyamory Ireland
On meetup, there is a Dublin Polyamory Discussion/Support Group

Poliamore Italia
Facebook group Polyamory Italy poliamore Italia

Facebook group Polyamory Malta

Facebook groups Nederlandse Polyamorie Groep, PolyAmorie.Holland, Polyamoriecafé Groningen

Facebook group PolyNorge PolyNorway, PolyNorge, Poly Norge


There is a Facebook Polyamory Dating Romania group and a Facebook group of Diversity in relationships: Diversitate în relații – grup de dating


Facebook group Poliamoria Madrid

Facebook group Poly i Sverige 

and closed local Facebook group for Malmö

http://www.polyamory.ch (with mailing list)

*United Kingdom:
UK-poly mailing list
Polytical: Ethical non-monogamy in the UK
Poly Counselling UK: counselling and therapy relating to polyamory and openly non-monogamous relationships
Facebook group: UK Polyamory, Wales Polyamory
On meetup, there is a London Polyamory Meetup Group


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